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This is my Hackathon Submission(see here). Immuno Shots is a web-based platform to connect users directly with nearby vaccination centers and facilitate the process of booking and scheduling an appointment with the vaccination centers to get vaccinated.

Using our platform, the user has to fill a vaccine registration form providing necessary details that will be shared with the hospital.
Then, the user can choose from available dates and time slots. Later, the user can visit the chosen hospital according to the scheduled appointment.

On the admin side, a proper database of users and hospitals will be maintained to track the progress and maintain the records of vaccine distribution easily and efficiently.

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Money Potterclose

This is also a Hackathon Submission(see here).
It is a digital version of the most famous Monopoly board game and the Card Matching game. It allows multiple players to play together. It contains the Monopoly board, pieces, money, dice, real properties, etc. It gives you the actual experience of the Monopoly board game. You can play games with your friends and family.


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This is my Hackathon Submission(see here) for the Hack-NU-thon, SBU Hacks and Border Hacks Hackathon, out of these, in SBU Hacks, my team won 2nd prize for the best use of Google Cloud and in Hack-NU-thon, we were among top 10. We built a web app wherein people are able to report the electricity outages in their area of the city, in response to which the Electricity Department will try to track and solve the fault and we are able to monitor and predict the frequency of Electricity Outage in our area or in any part of the city.

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This Website template was created using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript. The illustrations are taken from And it is hosted on Netlify.

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PyLadies Chennaiclose

It is such an honour to develop and maintain the PyLadies Chennai Chapter Website. I took a long time making this one.

Materialize CSS Websitemore_vert

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Green Hubclose

This is my first Materialize CSS Website. I learnt a lot about the material design after completing this project.

Food Recipe Websitemore_vert

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The Recipe Bookclose

This is a website in which you can find the recipes of various fast food and international dishes. It is made using HTML5, CSS3.

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Event Registration Pageclose

This Event Registration template is made using Bootstrap4 and the backend part is made using Firebase.

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Mix or Match Gameclose

This is a tile game made mainly using Javascript by taking reference from Youtube Tutorials of WebDev Simplified.

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Bootstrap Templateclose

This website template is made using Bootstrap4. In this project I learnt how to make parallax effect on webpages.

Hotel Websitemore_vert

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Card Titleclose

This is my first project of Web Development, I made this using the help of a tutorial by Brad Traversy. I added my touch into it.

Personality Gamemore_vert

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Personality Gameclose

In this project I learnt how to call an API and use it in our websites. I used an API which randomly generates character as per the entered name.

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Marvel Hero Galleryclose

This project was made mainly to focus on the AOS (Animate On Scroll) library. The Marvel Heroes slide onto your page as you scroll

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